Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Something Inside So Strong

(Dedicated To Louise Mackall & Kemi Kassim)

I was on the boat, in the rapids...the waterfalls just ahead of me.
How did I get here? Oh...camping on my wedding anniversary.
I had stopped struggling with the thrashing waves, as the canoe hit at the jagged rocks.
My breathe begun to flow in resonance with the symphonies of heaven.
I saw, in my minds eye, the flowing whites of the hosts of heaven
And the awesome wings of mighty angels on paradise' door

It was all in a blink...but I was prepared to say to the Lord
'Good evening Father'...
This was not the promise I had picked...we, had picked.
Oooooh! The death pangs subsided in a second...
Babyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! I screamed.
Where is my beloved? He had fallen overboard.

The canoe was just moments away from toppling over...Victoria Falls.
I screamed again...frantically looking for a miraculous island on the rapids...that I may jump.
My strength failed, so did my sight...all mist, and fog, and thundering sounds abounding.
Every rock that hit the canoe sent searing pain into my guts.
My tears mixed with the salty, mad, rushing water.
I prepared for the final descent.

Suddenly...the boat came to a jolting halt...and I went headfirst into the rapids.
My spirit was floating above...but my body was suspended upon the waters.
The spirit and the body crashed back into each other...and I took in water.
Then there was the midst of the storm.
Sleep sweet sleep...
In my Saviour's arms ?

"Honey"...I felt a strong arm softly caressing my face. This is heaven?
I opened my temporary myopia receding.
"Babyyyyyyyy" I screamed, yet again...........................................

I was the arms of my beloved.
He went overboard, but hung onto the boat, like a leech.
My beloved had scars, and bruises and cuts all over his frame...
But he looked just like an angel to me.
He had toppled the boat over at the last moment, with all his strength.
And grabbed my inflatable with one hand, the other hanging on to a overhanging branch.

I lost consciousness again...blissfully.

It was days....
I was healed...and back home.
My beloved stood above the bed as I awoke again...smiling.
I smiled weakly, but warmly...reaching to him, my Alpha Male.
He scooped me up from bed...planting kisses all over my face.
Making me fuzzy all over...

Then I asked him...
"Why did you risk your life to save mine?"
He looked lovingly, with his piercing eyes, at mine, gently smiling...
"All I can say, Honey, is...Something Inside So Strong"...
And he gathered me up again, like a little baby...
And I wept...

(c) George Honey Ashiru
Month of Adam
Ultimate Love Foundation