Saturday, July 10, 2010

NIGERIA: The Mind Of God

(I write as inspired by the Holy Spirit.)

Our societies need urgent genetic renewal. Evil tendencies is so rife now that even Churches are closing down because of the onslaught of false brethren.

Our society utterly rejects God, and godly leadership, so we keep getting the "Philistines" as a form of punishment. We pray, but not for or in righteousness, but that our bellies be full, and our ambitions be met. So, I hear Him say, as in the Book of Judges, the people will suffer judgement if they continue in their apostasy and false worship. God has withheld His anointed leaders until the people cry and groan in true repentance. Any leader going out before this set time goes in his power and will fail. Such have offered a "strange" sacrifice before the Holy God. The people must first turn from wickedness before He will allow the righteous to rule. God will not be mocked.

The Church has failed in letting people know the mind of God. Instead, we have taught personal empowerment, and Christians have grown to think selfishly, evidenced in rivalry, envying, and power/struggles, intellectualism, boastfulness and pride.

God is not pleased with us. And we should be careful not to "ask for a king", and reluctantly get a Saul who will fail. Rather, let God call and anoint David of His own will, and Goliath in Nigeria will tumble under His judgement.

Let the set men prepare "in the secret place" of the most high, for I have seen the "Prince of Nigeria", and only those who have been given the power over his "head" shall overcome. Hear Him, only those with the "weapons" of heavenly warfare shall overcome.

The Lord has rejected the proud, yes he has rejected them, and also those who have not given glory to his name in the great congregation, but taken the "chariots" of their own power. They will fail, and may expire, if they continue in their folly.

God has power over the nations, He made them, He will lift up as he wills, and will also make many to fall, even the anointed. Let all men humble themselves before His glory. The just shall rule.

Let the wise hear and obey.

Jesus is Lord.

Friday, July 2, 2010


This is summary of my presentation at the SIM ENTREPRENEURIAL FOUNDATION Stakeholders Forum held in Lagos, 30th June 2010.


FACT: In the U.S, a few decades ago, 90% of new entrepreneurs were either Engineers or people without university degrees, and this explains the rapid industrialisation of that economy. In Nigeria, 90% of start ups were either without university degrees or studied non technical subjects, leading to our trading economy.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs:
- They fix problems rather than ponder over them.
- Academically, they score 'A's in subjects that are important to their careers and 'D's in others, showing a remarkable mindset that focuses on the majors, ignoring minors completely.
- They have naturally high energy levels, and are always thinking, or on the go.
- They like control over their destinies and are not often suitable employees in the traditional company.
- They are usually disciplined planners, communicate their vision well and also delegate well.
- They are extremely goal directed.
- They ignore opinions and criticisms that are not aligned with their vision.
- They have low tolerance for failure, in themselves or subordinates.
- They love challenges and dislike routine.
- They are driven, not by money in itself, but as a means to fulfill their vision.

The Entrepreneur's Team:
-FACT; 60% of your potential success depends on your founding management team. So, don't put your brother, wife, husband, if they are not qualified for the roles.

AXIOM 1: 1st rate men hire first rate men. 2nd rate men hire 3rd rate men. 3rd rate men hire 80% of your staff, and they will hire 4th rate men.

AXIOM 2: Engineers tend to hire engineers. Accountants tend to hire accountants, optimists tend to hire optimists, etc. Bring together people with complimentary, not duplicative talents, disciplines and personalities.

AXIOM 3: The Colonial British believed that "familiarity breeds contempt', and stressed that you cannot receive both respect and friendship from the same person at the same time. "stiff upper lip" was the order of the day. And they soon lost the Empire. make certain that you management team have mutual respect and likeness for each other. Don't build a management heirachy that opposes this.

AXIOM 4: When your business is small, you are the sole visionary and everyone else is subordinate. As your organisation grows, your management team should become your co-visionaries and leadership team.

In summary, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. It is a leadership function. Pareto has already surmised that 80& of people are quite happy to be led. However, 90% of the gross domestic product (GDP) is created by the informal sector, the small businesses and entrepreneurs. A nation becomes rich by the sum total of its rich, tax paying employers.

Government may make policies, but its entrepreneurs that create wealth.