Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GHA - Words On Marble

MOONWALK: The act of facing a direction while moving in the opposite. Oh Lord, save us from personal or national Moonwalking.

Are you on the field playing? Don't be distracted by the spectators' cynicism, grumbles and snide remarks. Spectators don't win prizes. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Both Honey and Dung attract flies. But the ant is more discerning, it avoids the dung and goes for the honey. May the Lord bless us with the gift of discernment.

Cynicism speaks more of the nature of the Cynic than it does the object/subject of their cynicism.

If your blessings are across the river, better learn to build a bridge, or row a boat.

The aircraft uses the very things that resists it to soar. Ground friction to get ground speed of 200mph plus, air friction to get lift and stability. Nothing shall, therefore, limit us from soaring to greater heights.

Sycophancy: A practical form of hypocrisy, where an aide/friends publicly promotes a position/person contrary to his or her conscience.

Freedom of Expression is not Freedom to Insult: It can land you a libel or slander charge, and lose you friends and make mortal enemies...and, once its expressed, its like mudslide, it gathers unholy momentum. Let's learn to bridle the pen/tongue.

Gridlock: Acid and Base neutralising each other to form harmless common salt, and water.

Spiritual poverty is a disease that economic empowerment cannot overcome.
My Duty Is To Love - God's Duty Is To Judge

Gossip is murder by subtle means - so is deliberately mis-informing people about someone you envy, or don't get along with.

In the quest for nationhood: Have we freely joined together in a “matrimony of common development” or in an “unholy matrimony of convenience”? That is the question.

Inspiration has an expiry date and plenty of alternative vessels. Seize the moment, otherwise it may disappear like the mist at sunrise.

When there is chaos, people want an older, steady hand at the elm of things. When there is stagnancy people want a young, dynamic hand to forge ahead. Are we in a state of chaos, or stagnancy? That is the question?

Don't envy the grace of God on another persons life. Grace is often for the prodigal...maybe you are the faithful son.

In a Taekwondo tournament, the 3rd round is the most vicious, and you need more stamina than for the first two. Often, the winner is decided by the actions in the 3rd round. So it is with nation building, the ending is determined at the end.

RAHAB: From Rejection 2 Rejoicing. Folks, dont let what others think or say about you fog over Gods promise to you. Set your sights ahead. Be blessed.
All it takes to be a Patriot is to use your talents to be a blessing to your community...and little drops of water...

The mining tragedy turned miracle is a lesson in indomitable spirit, and what is possible if people come together rather than come at each other.

What anchors on Hope? Business, Marriage, Expectations, Nation Building. The job of the Motivator is to build your Hope. You build all else yourself.

Creation has a Purpose, and Man has been given Dominion, through Inspired Actions, and Prayer, to determine its destiny. The endless hurtle to destruction implies that Man, in the whole, has not activated both principles.

Prayer is good, but Worship is guaranteed to get God's attention.
The woman with the issue of blood waited on mortal hekp for 12 years, until she walked in Righteousness' Path. No matter what your own ISSUE is, God will respond to your Faith, (not your needs)

God stands alone in judgement: Haven called the Hebrews a stiff-necked people, threatening to destroy them, nevertheless he rejected the confederacy of Balak and Balaam against Israel.

Jonah, the reluctant prophet, having obeyed, awaited God's judgement on a nation...but God's mercy wasbat work, to his chagrin. A repentant people can earn God's mercy.

Goshen was a fruitful land, in ancient Egypt, assigned to Joseph and his family by Pharoah. It spawn a nation, which soon became threatened with extinction. But when God smote Egypt, his judgement bypassed Goshen. Wherever we are now, its our Goshen. Stay there till God smites your enemies.

I know some nice folks, makIng a change in their spheres of influence - in offices, community, church, media, etc...You don't need to get to the centre of power to make a difference. "Action" is not a noun, its a verb.

If your vote can be paid for, then your life has a quantifiable value - the amount you received.

Everytime we look to the promised land, and see the sea instead of the shore, you know a 40 year wilderness wandering is coming up.

If you want to be happy in life, make friends with Optimists. If you want to be successful, make friends with Realists. Keep away from Pessimists, they will drain your energy.

TRANSFORMATION: "A Qualitative change, in act or shape or appearance". Can also mean progress in development - a change for the better. Can we get this type of transformation with old wine in new skin? How can there be change when the players are still the same, and have always been part of the "more of the same" movement?

Why Do People Resist Change? Change creates a new category of winners...and losers too

If everyone ran their homes well, and their offices/jobs/businesses, etc...and steward their responsibilities with earnest care...we wouldn’t be clamouring for heroes to lead our nations. We would be the heroes.

I don't have time to keep looking at the specks in other people's eyes - I am too busy chopping down the logs in mine.

Watch it when people clamour, endorse, and try to ram your name down the throats of the electorate. You may end up like Saul - wanted by people, yet ultimately rejected by God, and destroyed. Try to be like David - work silently in the wilderness - your day of glory will soon come.

The football team has many designations. Coach, Trainer, Medics, keeper, Players etc...As long as WE all play the roles we are gifted/assigned/appointed to do, the team will do very well. We can't all be politicians/opposition/activists, etc, and no one man can bring the desired change, save God Himself, with the cooperation of ALL the people. But we each have a duty to DO what we can!

Can you imagine a chicken voting for Tasty Fried Chicken (apologies, TFC)? It may be complimentary, but it (chicken) will end up in a growling bowel. That is what will happen if we vote with our eyes closed. Fellows, don't vote zones and superstars...when the time comes, vote rightly.

David gathered many stones to fight Goliath: But the Lord only needed one to finish the job. Lord, give us the right weapons to defeat the goliaths of our time.

King David's experience is proof that, sometimes, our Promotions comes while within the enemy's Palace.

Would you entrust your child to a self taught swimming coach? Or your Faith to a untaught cleric? Dont cast your vote blindly. It is like casting your pearls before swines. God bless us with discernment today.

Everywhere Isaac located, he sowed, and he reaped, 100 fold. His enemies relocated him, but his allocation kept coming through. Even a King came to him, and acknowledged God in him, and by covenant Isaac was established and settled. Wherever you may locate or be relocated

Location Determines Allocation

Moses was a mere man, but God made him a god over King Pharaoh - Joshua was a mere man, but God gave him the scalps of 31 Kings. You don't need to be a King/President/Governor/Senator, to change the world. All you need is to be leader submitted to God.

The Pulpit, designed as a podium for exhortation and encouragement, has been turned by some as a platform for grandstanding and criticism. Little wonder those who sit under these, have relentlessly critical spirits. Practice Love.

A man is called by covenant, not character. But his character will determine the success of his calling.

I wont let you go till you bless me. And after you bless me I will bind myself to you forever. Lord, you know you are irresistible.

When an insecure man or woman marries, the first thing they do is to disconnect their spouses from their family and friends, so the other party becomes utterly dependent on them. Possessive-obsessiveness is destructive.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Motivational speeches promote the fulfilment of Wants - Inspirational speeches promote the fulfillment of Purpose. One is energised by the Flesh, the other by the Spirit.

Books and speeches that have short cuts to material things are motivational. Books and speeches that point to a life of service and giving, they are inspirational.

Motivational materials tell us how to squeeze water from a rock. Inspirational materials tells us to become the rock that gives out water.

The Success of the motivational speaker is the Subject of his speeches. The Trials of the inspirational speaker is the Lesson of his speeches.

A motivational Preacher teaches how to use Scripture to get our needs. An inspirational Preacher tells us Scripture provides our needs - man shall not leave by bread alone.

Hitler was motivational, Martin Luther King was inspirational. By their fruit you discern the two.

A motivator identifies problems, an inspirer helps to solve them.

A motivator sympathises with you, teaches you how to fish. An inspirer helps with the fishing.

A motivator is a great role model. An inspirer is a good mentor.

To transform a life, or a nation, both are useful. But the work of the Inspirer is more enduring.

Lets get together and inspirer.