Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Motivational speeches promote the fulfilment of Wants - Inspirational speeches promote the fulfillment of Purpose. One is energised by the Flesh, the other by the Spirit.

Books and speeches that have short cuts to material things are motivational. Books and speeches that point to a life of service and giving, they are inspirational.

Motivational materials tell us how to squeeze water from a rock. Inspirational materials tells us to become the rock that gives out water.

The Success of the motivational speaker is the Subject of his speeches. The Trials of the inspirational speaker is the Lesson of his speeches.

A motivational Preacher teaches how to use Scripture to get our needs. An inspirational Preacher tells us Scripture provides our needs - man shall not leave by bread alone.

Hitler was motivational, Martin Luther King was inspirational. By their fruit you discern the two.

A motivator identifies problems, an inspirer helps to solve them.

A motivator sympathises with you, teaches you how to fish. An inspirer helps with the fishing.

A motivator is a great role model. An inspirer is a good mentor.

To transform a life, or a nation, both are useful. But the work of the Inspirer is more enduring.

Lets get together and inspirer.

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  1. Well said GHA. You are a great inspirer yourself. More annointing IJN.


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