Monday, May 24, 2010


(Birthday honour of Lara Koleoso)

You are the light of the brilliant sun.

The tender breezes of autumn

The rainbow which deck the heavens

The constellation of stars is illumination

That reveals your loveliness to me

Content is my heart, like a stone that bears
your regaled feet.

For as the wind blows past your face

It brings sweet memories of bygone days

The sweet happiness of virgin love

Your first exotic crush

The magic of true romance

And the sorrows of heartbreaks

But try to imagine a faultless love

Or a perfect giving of it

What you’ll hear is the rumbling of earthquakes

What you’ll see is eroding limestone

Never stable, for sure

But through it all just remember me

And you’ll never walk alone

(c) George Honey Ashiru
Ultimate Love Foundation
Month of Love, 2009.

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