Monday, May 24, 2010

Its All About Mothers

Sitting in on the birthing process of my three children gave me a new appreciation of God's gift of mothers to mankind. The initial sheepish, romantic love at first bloom, never prepares you for the thin line between life and death, precarious birthing pangs.

The trimesters of anxious nervous reaction to every sniffle, the midnight groans that keeps a responsible husband awake, the morning sickness and the emotional swings.

I tell my wife...we were both pregnant, she physically, me emotionally and spiritually. Whenever I hear "Yeee" I stumble on my knees and say "Father, please, this is not Racheal, please give me my baby jeje, peacefully".

Sometimes she plays games with me. She squirms just to see my scrambling reaction. She shouts "Oh my God" just to get me to begin a night vigil by her side. My wife knows I love children more than life.

When she was heavier, and the bump was quite a heavy attachment to our love at least I could touch the warm and dimply foetus' amniosaic protrusions. Her back would scream and she would sigh..."things we do for you men".

By the due dates I knew every medical jargon and conditions attached to pregancy and I marvelled how quickly those past months had gone. My doctor felt I was too sentimental, emotional and un-African in my insistence to be right there when the babies came out. Would I cry? Faint? Shout? Every case was never the same...I will not tell. But the hero was always the wife...breathing when she should, pushing when she should and smiling in between...

When the babies were presented to eyes remain with my wife...amazed, "did these 4Kg babies come forth from you?".

It takes a special gift to be a mother that only God gives...both mother and baby are a gift to fathers and husbands...appreciate them.

Darling Remi...and Mum and every mother (and "pregnant" fathers reading this)...I hail O!

Ultimate Love Foundation
Month of First Fruits, 2009

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  1. So sweet! Every husband and father ought to read this:)


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