Monday, May 24, 2010


I did that (resisted God) for a decade, then my Lord came gently knocking, and I argued with Him, but he kept coming. The people who attempted to change me didn't show the love He showed. But He came and showed me LOVE and I saw that and responded. No one led me to Christ, he came for me Himself, and He anointed me instantly. The Ultimate Love is my testimony

17:38 (Sister)

The reason the Church is ineffective is because we try to force our salvation on others

We should demonstrate pure godly melts all resistance

17:40 (Sister)
it is GOD that does the conviction, they will fight you even when you do it in LOVE

well, there is no weapon against love
Love is the ultimate weapon...John 3:16
Jesus commended His love for us that while we were yet IN SIN, He died for us.
Faith, Hope and Love, these three abound, but the greatest gift is Love
When love meets evil heart it melts them
When love touches a hardened soul it destroys the barrier

17:42 (Sister)

Love is possible if we are truly connected to the source, in the spirit
Many of us are religious...not spiritual

17:43 (Sister)

We can't hear a cry for help even when the person is right in front of us
We must make ALL decisions from godly love
Nothing can overcome an act done in love

17:45 (Sister)
and when you have done all that, and the resistance (from evil doers) is still there what do you do?

The gentleman will dump the (adversary) in one second when you begin to walk with him in gentle love...he can see a difference so he can decide

17:45 (Sister)
i understand what u are saying Master G

Love speaks softly, and judges little, laughs at errors and works in grace

17:46 (Sister)
i know, indeed you are correct
but, he has engaged another lady who lives with him in his mother's house
i can not be the source of another woman's cry

I told you this is not about him, its about you...

17:47 (Sister)
i know

You have disconnected yourself from him
End of story
But maintain a Christian friendship
And forget what he does in his own home

17:48 (Sister)
he has a lady who is co- habiting with him
he does not want friendship he said he wants us to come back
and he is still engaged

He can want whatever he wants

17:49 (Sister)
do you understand my stand on this issue?

But you stay in the truth

17:49 (Sister)
of course

17:49 George
I understand you well
But you are still consumed by his activities

17:50 (Sister)
he wants more than friendship
i am not (consumed by his activities)
he came by with (another) girl

We have been chatting for almost an hour about one person...what do you make of that?

17:50 (Sister)
Master G

I am a trained Christian Counsellor, so I know what I am talking about

17:51 (Sister)
i get it
i am done with him


17:52 (Sister)
and that i have made clear to him in the mail i sent

He can call, visit, etc, you will politely be friends with him

17:53 (Sister)
politely? I have been calm with him master G
and he knows

But don't concern yourself about other people in his life...its no longer your business

17:54 Sister)
why should i
i am not (the adversary)
that is her battle to fight
so much
i appreciate
when i finally meet THE man, he will hear so much about you

17:58 George
Thanks is well

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