Monday, May 24, 2010


It amazes me, that the signs of the power of modern philosphy, thinking and wisdom has been put to shame by the firestorms spreading all over the world today.

It amazes me, that in spite of this, we find many people still trudging along "as in the days of Noah", oblivious to the collapse of the very economic model upon which many dreams were built.

It amazes me, that there are many closet "Nicodemus'" meandering about, unable or unwilling to declare a heartfelt truth...If there be no God, then there is no life.

It amazes me, that even people with precious great potentials, are so given to self-centredness; They give nothing but want all things.

It amazes me, that some people can dream about making it big, living big, wanting it all, but they have no power over the very breathe that they breathe.

It amazes me, as Pareto would say, that 80% of people are quite content with a subsidiary role in shaping the world around them.

It amazes me, that God watches and smiles over all our folies, bringing rain upon all and food for all,
after all, He said "I will no longer strive with Man".

We stand in the corridor of history, which beckons everso fervently, for the lights of the world to shine forth. The whole of creation is seeking the manifestations of God's given potential in every blessed soul.

But it amazes me still, that some would wait until their very life ebbs away before presenting themselves as a living sacrifice and their lives as chosen vessels of honour unto the Creator.

Every day counts. Do the right thing today. Peace.


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