Monday, May 24, 2010



I have a dream; in this quest I crave for an inspired idea which would advance the world into a golden age. An idea as unmistakable to the fool as to the adept, to the pessimist as to the revolutionary, as a hurricane or a volcanic eruption.

Youthfulness entrains with it certain virtues; an innocence of heart and a capacity for selfless love. Therefore, we ought to portray ourselves in the daily subsequence of mutual existence as capable of the values of innocence and grand affection. We ought to revolt against the power of the glittering but illusory world of mundane accomplishments.

In this age of sophistry and the enslavement to subliminal messaging, where values are suggested by the power of an enslaving media, we should shield the young and protect ourselves from the temptation to false assumptions and negative aspirations which the rapacious wits of most men of means make us all impervious to.

In this day and age, when the collapse of beliefs of every kind has such an overpowering effect on people’s lives, where many are forced to their knees, losing their pride and human dignity. And others are driven as a last resort into some bleak world of illusions – drugs, violence, depravity; we must stand firm and remain untouched and uncontaminated.

People live selfish lives, conditioned by the false pretensions of their religions or myopic misrepresentations of God’s programme for mankind. Our part in the evolution of man, like a tiny droplet of water it may be, must begin within us and evolve to the world around us, and not the other way round. We must be constant in giving of ourselves, unswerving, unimaginably faithful. The equipoise between the “I” and the “Others” earnestly maintained – a tribute to the power of Love.

Our fate is inextricably entwined with that of the entire world. Our destiny linked with that of our community, our nation, and we should ask, “What can I do?” The development of our body, soul and spirit must surely prepare us for changing the world around us. Bringing joy with each smile, faith with each prayer, peace with each word and hope with our outstretched hands…The attainment and maintenance of these values is the entity of the whole.

George Honey Ashiru
Jan. 2009.

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