Monday, May 24, 2010


(A prophetic declaration into the life of Ebony D’Eva Bankole-Laoye and everyone at the threshold of destiny)

I couldn’t help but smile. God has been good to me – to us. To us?
Oh yeah! I always did like spare ribs. Didn’t the Holy Book say I was made out of one? It felt strange…basking in the glow of love’s aftermath. Wasn’t it just eleven months ago, that I shared my melancholy with a heart that listened and words that soothed? - A prophetic word. Now it’s Christmas. A different one altogether, as love’s seed formed a perfect bump on my petite torso. Who said anything about morning sickness? It has been morning glory for me ever since.

I had sauntered through spring like a gazelle bounding through the Masai plains. The Month of Love caught me unawares. Little did I know that “he” was carving a perfect elliptical arch of white gold around the purest of rubies. It was on the sidewalks of the coffee bar. I never knew my heart could pulsate so quickly. I very nearly died from the shock. My hair stood on ends and my skin tingled as it would in the fire of God’s presence.

He had lowered his towering frame before me. I did not understand. One knee on the paved stones of America’s “City of Brotherly Love”. I staggered as one enveloped by the anointing. He began the renditions of Solomon’s “I am lovesick”, then he began gently to hum that ever so sweet song “Oh happy day”

Then he looked up. His hands came out of his pocket and his long fingers unfolded a beautiful Easter egg. He must have known I have chocolates cravings. Then he began stripping away the shroud of printed foil, and I could swear he sang James Ingram’s “Find one hundred ways”

I looked warily between the egg and his eyes…his eyes. Like smouldering jade fire. Penetrating at its’ core while disarming at its’ lids. His nose flaring like a lion in heat while his lips, perfectly sculptured and seductively placed above strong chiseled chin. Oh my God! This man was “comely to look at”.

The crème chocolate was tempting. He did not say a word to me, but as he held out the chocolate and smiled so slightly he sent sublime subliminal messages to my soul. I said to myself, “isn’t this Minister xxxxxxxxx? Why is he killing me so softly?”

I couldn’t hold back one rebellious tear, and as it streamed down I reached out for the delicacy before me. We were oblivious of the crowed that milled around the spectacle we had become – waiting to exhale. My body conspired against my common sense – and I took a bite. My spirit searched for a hidden serpent, but all I heard was the orchestra of destiny.

Then I bit through the crust, into the soft crevice, and the crème gushed into my mouth, my fingers. As I sucked with abandon, I bit metal, and the glimmer of red, shimmering instantly in the bright spring of expectation. Then I saw the rest of the delicately carved object of desire – my eyes darted back to the engulfing fire of this anointed man – and I swooned.

Now he lay beside me, curled around the duvet like a gentle bear. The ruby adorned my finger matched by the twin band of yellow gold. Then I said to myself – “Thank you Jesus”. He turned at the sound of the name, and in his characteristic bedroom demeanour, opened his eyes, reached out to the “bump” and said, “Hey. God’s property”

And I chuckled knowingly, for yet again will begin – our whispers at dawn.

© George Honey Ashiru
Ultimate Love Foundation
Month of Love, 2009

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  1. Apostle Paul!

    Who will help this generation (the only way is es-sex) to come to the love of Christ...gently nurturing them in the language they understand while wisely introducing the language of the kingdom...reducing the portion of the former and increasing the portion of the latter.

    You are a blessing and may the Lord strengthen you.


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