Monday, May 24, 2010


The less interference we have of government in our lives, and the more we revisit and re-emphasise the "Old School" values of modesty, perseverance, hard work and commitment, the quicker we get along the lane of community and thus, national, transformation.

We have long looked up to political leaders to fix ideological, cultural and social values, which politics is not designed to or is capable of fixing. Let's each find a cause, and let's each transform our community through that cause, and the idle youths will find places to subsume their excess creative energy. That is not a job for government, for policies cannot legislate an evil imagination. It is the duty of the citizenry to correct its predilection to negative vices.

Waiting for change to come from the centre of power, whether now or in a future generation is to fail to learn from all recorded history. No one in the boat likes to rock the boat because they most likely cannot swim. So, if we want to get to our national destination, lets each begin to build our own boats, until the big boats begin to lose relevance and status.

People who do not make a difference in their community right now cannot be expected or trusted to bring change at the centre, whether in 2011 or beyond. Taking care of sheep in the desert was David's only qualification to lead a nation, but he showed his stewardship by bringing them all home alive, despite the lions and the bears. It was a perfect preparation.

What you do today is the building block of what you will attain tomorrow. Let the change agents begin from the flat next door.

God bless you, and Peace be upon Nigeria.

George Ashiru

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  1. Any one can make a difference, and that difference is brought about by a determination to cause CHANGE for the common good..Small things count..small things matter..let us never despise the day of small and humble building our step at a time..We will reach the destined land!


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