Monday, May 24, 2010

NIGERIA: The Golden Calves

AGENDA: Transformation
God’s hands, healing our land, transforming our lives

Events going on in our nation, Nigeria, indicates that God is at work in this nation, for the emancipation of the land from foundational evil. Every effort at providing positive leadership for the regeneration of the nation has met with brick walls because the foundational evil (Golden Calves) remains in the land.

The Golden Calves:

Rituals for the coronation of more than 90% of traditional rulers in Nigeria involve invocation of malevolent powers, shedding of human blood and rites that spiritually degrade the people of the lands. God explicitly commanded man not to shed human blood (Gen. 9: 2-4).

Nigeria’s foundational development of her political system, is based on strife, idolatry, demonic covenants, regionalism, ethnicism and greed. This is unrighteousness. Until the righteous rule, there will be no joy in the land.

Government resources at every level are committed to rituals to appease local demonic deities, especially at Local Government levels. The invocations of evil elemental powers enslave the people of the land.

Rulers in the land depend exclusively on local gods and powers for instruction on how to govern their people. Democratic principles and human rights are ignored, in order to perpetuate cultural practices that enslave rather than emancipate the people.

Most communities are dedicated to local deities that require perpetual sacrifices. This is the greatest form of bondage and is the greatest reason that young people are emigrating from Nigeria, not poverty.

Most small and medium businesses still dedicate their businesses to local deities and powers and run these businesses as advised by diviners instead of using basic business principles.

Many military, police and civilian rulers in Nigeria have covenanted with demonic powers for personal protection. Thus, the nation has been ruled by people under demonic influence. These powers have become major strongholds controlling the presidency, state houses, military barracks etc. Leading to constant strife, power struggles and violence through coups etc.

In 1974 and 2003, tens of thousands of foreigners entered Nigeria for the All Africa Games, chanting the names of their national deities, invoking their powers upon the land mass of Nigeria. (As I was a Chaplain
and Head of the Prayer Department during COJA 2003, I saw this manifest evil myself)

In 1977, various cultural troupes, many completely demonic, were given permission to come and invoke their elemental powers upon the land mass of Nigeria during the FESTAC ’77.

Television, internet etc has constantly exposed impressionable youths to various vices and lusts of the flesh, turning secondary schools and universities to dens of fornication, prostitution and other vices.

Spiritual poverty has led to the inculcation of materialism, greed and covetousness and selfishness into the cultural foundation of each community, showing at national level as unprecedented corruption.

This spiritual poverty has also infiltrated every religious organization, and God Almighty is approached only for His benefits rather than His mercy. Though there are crowds in Churches, it is based on the personal charisma of men and “politically correct” preaching, materialism preaching rather than for repentance that leads to change in course of life.

Many national leaders are active members of secret demonic cults and are acting out scripts engineered by rulers of the darkness of these times. Future leaders are recruited and branded through campus cultism.

Blood shed through various military coup and power struggles e.g.; June 12, has caused divine curse upon institutions and individuals involved. There is no atonement for this curse, except the blood of those who kill are shed (Numbers 35: 33-34). But if these people shall repent, the curse on the land shall be annulled.

Until the generations that caused abominations in the landmass of Nigeria are completely wiped out by divine judgement, there can be no rest or peace for the people of Nigeria; and no man can successfully rule Nigeria until God is appeased (2 Chro. 34: 24-28). Only complete national repentance, and prayers of the righteous at every level, can bring renewal and justification and glorification to Nigeria.

God is angry with every nation that practices all these abominations, and unless intercessors are raised to pray for the nation, nothing but judgement and desolation awaits Nigeria and all her future rulers (Ezekiel 22: 23-31)

Arise Nigerians...lets transform this nation, from within us, to the community and then the leadership. If we will not arise, we will sink and Ghana and other nations will take our place in Africa.

George H. Ashiru
Institute for Transformational leadership

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