Monday, May 24, 2010


Dear Nigerians

At the THMP media briefing held yesterday, 28th of September, a journalist from ThisDay Newspapers said truthfully, that Nigerians are simply tired, weary and worn over the Nigerian statehood. Is there really much to celebrate, he asked.

Our answer was, YES. Nigerians are winners not losers. Losers have excuses, winners have programmes. The THMP does not have losers on board. We have a hope and a future. We do not see the now, but we see the expected end. Celebrating Nigeria at 49 is the actualisation of our testimony, that years of decay, mismanagement, ineffectual leadership and wrong values will not overcome our will to become Africa's greatest nation.

That is why on October 1, at the National Stadium, we will be giving out Nigerian flags to attendees. We will give out stickers and brochures, we will give out faith and hope and love. An eight year old girl will read a heart-rending poem, the national anthem will be sung by a lady of faith. The speech that galvanised Balyesa youth into action will be read and circulated, Patricia Omoqui's message to Nigerians will be read and circulated. A new vision for a greater future will be espoused by emerging leaders.

Someday, in the future, when we retell the stories of the Ghandhis and the Mandelas and the Nkrumahs and the Ahmadu Bellos and the Ziks and Awos, we will be able to say that another generation built on their achievements rather than bury their heads in the sand, going about their pleasurable business.

49 is such a special number, that the wise understand its implications to Nigeria's destiny. The perfect number multiplied by itself. No longer will we look at other nations in comparison, when little lights of faith begin to rise again in our beloved land. Emerging leaders eager to show that our spiritual DNA has been transformed, a new optimism in the capacity of faithful Nigerians to excel in their chosen fields - the best form of "branding" possible, achievements.

We have been told, future Presidents and Governors and Ministers and leaders of this great nation will be ordained on that day, from all over the world, across all ethnic and faith lines. Do not spend October 1 on matters that are not aligned with the shifting paradigms of divine utterances. If you are not able to stand together with us, where-ever you may be, celebrate Nigeria, and God's plan for this nation, which will unfold with great and awesome testimony, even in this season of Jubilee.

Some of you, as you read this, are our Great Expectations, the chosen generation, the special people, the transformational characters that will engage this nation into top gear. I beseech you, stand up today, straighten your backs, walk the walk of destiny. Overcome every inertia, overlook every stronghold, fly on eagles wings, break every chain, shut your ears to the pessimist, rise above fear. STAND.

This nation needs you, not your money, not your words, but your heart. In whatever place you find yourself, be the truth we earnestly yearn for. Don't take your God given graces and gifts to the grave. Let your light shine today, not tomorrow. Don't be immersed in seeking wealth without an eye on your purpose in this life. You were born a Nigerian for a purpose and there is no other. Moses, even after 40 years, this nation needs you.

It is well with Nigeria. God bless you and GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

George Ashiru

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