Monday, May 24, 2010

A Message To The Youths In This Age

It is amazing, to hear the young plan their future on a basket of material desires. Pour water in a basket, and it surely seeps away. The future is the only hope a young person has, and when it is debased into a series of financial projections, the souls of such guilty ones are already out of God's hands. The young must be impervious to the rapacious wits of the nouveau-riche millionaire who believes that the only achievement desirable is a basketful of money and all such related achievements. Money is a measure of our creative faculties, a means to an end, but not the end itself. Therefore, we must set goals which have nothing to do with money, and if it were required God provides it in a measure equivalent to the need for it.

Many people seek money with undisguised fervour, and would kill quite easily for it. Such persons already know that there is no tomorrow for them, only the joy of the present moment. Leaving a name that is cast in granite, testimony of one's humanist endeavours, is the only wealth that is worth chasing. It is thankless and never recognised, but within you, if you have the divine blessing, is the contentment of having given to God what he gave to you. I dreamed of being one of the richest men in the world; and yet I was compelled to be a giver and not a taker. To acquire wealth one has to take endlessly, and give little back. Money is a tool of the devil and must not become king of our hearts, especially for women, who seem to believe that only money can create happiness. What is God's has little to do with money; He gives to those who can use it to make the world a better place in other ways. Make all the money, as I was doing in England, but do not ever live for it. Subjugate it with the power of your compassion, and it becomes an object that serves you, and not the other way round. According to American Evangelist Richard Foster, in his book 'Money, Sex and Power', "Money is to be captured, subdued, and used for greater goals." Money is a tool of the devil, and has a consciousness. It will control you if you don't first control it, and your need and dependence on it.

It is the ultimate will of God that we find, each of us, our own path; and then fulfil it. It is also the ambition of the devil to thwart us along this path by putting many flashes of pyrite or fantastic impediments through his agents on earth. The devil will use friends, family and sweet temptations or terrible calamities to dissuade us from our paths. The "Path of Righteousness" is the principle, the process, the completion and the justification of life. The Spirit of Grace, the Spirit of Truth, is the energy that propels and nourishes it. The most difficult part is to know the path that God has defined for each of us. That is the prime duty of Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists; to help each of us find that within us which we must thirst after. But the problem with many preachers is that they do not even truly know the will of God for themselves, not to speak of others. This fact is revealed in a statement by Chinese Gospeler, Watchman Nee who wrote; " I have met many renowned persons in Christianity, but I am afraid relatively few of them really know God. They know the Scriptures, yet they do not know the power of God. Some of them can even preach what they do not experience. Why is this so? Because the Lord has not revealed it to them, signifying that they have not loved the Lord and kept His commandment." One can attest to this in the way some Christians develop spiritual arrogance and consider their own church's or pastor's activities as the only way to salvation. According to American reverend, Dutch Sheets, " Many theologians today know the scriptures thoroughly, but don't know God well. Some, perhaps do not know Him at all." Pastor Sheets went on to reveal that fewer than three percent of those who become "born again" in America, become true followers of Christ.

In the beginning we must be born impure and totally ignorant. Then we must learn the tools to survive the tribulations of human life and then start the process of fulfilment. This is the real reason we are in this world, and even if we attend the most powerful place of worship, we do not receive any great deliverance because we may not understand the ultimate design of God for each of us. This knowledge is already within us and when we listen to the still inner voice, we will be directed to the path that is uniquely ours. As Immanuel Kant, the European philosopher has said;" We do not lack reason, but the resolution to use it without the direction of someone else. Have courage to use your own reason - that is the motto of enlightenment"

(c) George Ashiru
Month of Perfection

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