Monday, May 24, 2010


Its amazing how little we understand about love. It isnt a fleeting feeling we turn on or off like running water from a tap. Love cannot be manipulated for gain or for an occassion - that is eros, or, lust. Love, Agape, is a state of being that one becomes when one has right standing with God. At this point love dissipates out of your words, actions and thoughts like the falls in Niagra. Period!!!

That is why 50% of new couples fail the test of their proclaimation at the altar.

That is why 75% of Christians fail the test of their proclaimation at the altar.

Until you're giving more of yourself than you're receiving or requesting, love is still a service or merchandise.

If you are a preacher and find yourself getting offended easily by those to whom you have sent yourself...that ain't love...its pride.

If you are jettison your friends at every slight of hand...that ain,t love...that is self centredness.

If you love God so awesomely that everyone around you seem like hell bound sinners...that ain't love...that is self-righteousness.

If you write and say all the right things on facebook and to your audience...but ignore the plea of a broken heart that needs your attention...that ain't love...that is sheer wickedness.

Come to Love...He doesnt cost a thing

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