Monday, May 24, 2010


Repositioning, reengineering and rebranding are American buzz words for "getting out of a mess". A good product does not require repackaging. Richard Branson understands quite well how to build and retain a quality brand, but turning the elephant into an eagle did not make Nigeria Airways fly.

The greatness of a nation depends on the sum of the greatness of its individuals. So, the marketing mix in the Nigeria's Ministry of Information is white wash on a collapsing building. It is like Toilet Boy that was sold in the 1970s; foam to cover human wastes because the WC has no water.

Every attempt at "branding" a culture has failed because the image of a nation speaks from the lifestyles of its people. Even infrastructural development is like building colliseums in the hope tourists will not see the poverty and squalour of the hinterlands. Investing in people, re-investing in the Technical Aid Corp, and improving the Education system is where the true "branding" will begin. A thousand logos and adverts and CNN features cannot speak better than the individual and collective achievements of Nigerians inspired to rule their world. PEOPLE, that is the foundation for whatever good will come forth from Nigeria. And the government is not equipped to build people: Parents are, communities are, religious organisations are, educational institutions are. This is where we ought to invest and this is the sort of humble advise I would be hoping the political leaders are hearing.

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