Monday, May 24, 2010

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I Have A Dream

I do have a dream: but before my dream comes my conviction, my confession of faith.

I believe in God the Father Almighty, and in His son Jesus Christ, my restorer, and in the Holy Spirit, who empowers me. I accept the Cross which Christ bore for my sins, the Blood which sanctifies my soul, and the Resurrection that gives me hope of eternal life. I believe in the Church, which is the body of Christ, and for whom He is the groom. I lay me bear to my Creator, Jehovah Elohim, my own shortcomings so that He may sanctify me by his name Jehovah Quadesh who sanctifies. I ask my righteous God, Jehovah Tsedkenu to give me His righteous kingdom which I seek. I ask for the Lord, Jehovah Nissi to be my banner, and by His special grace to be my shepherd Jehovah Rohe, and my comforter Jehovah Mekadesham. Let the God of peace Jehovah Shalom bring peace unto my soul. Let Jehovah Jireh Provide all of my needs, and the El Shaddai be my satisfaction. May my ever-present Lord, Jehovah Shammah continue to be my guide, and the Lord of Hosts, Jehovah Sabaoth grant me continuous victory. May the power in the blood of Christ Jesus flow into my life. I receive that portion which is assuredly given to all those who seek diligently, the Holy Spirit. I accept my cross, by the grace of God , the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost.

Like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. I dream of the day when men will wake up to the higher purpose of life. I dream, concerning my country, of the day when the leaders are true altruists, and not rapacious politicians. I dream of the day when every tribe and tongue differ only in their language, but not in their loyalty to the country as a whole. I dream of a less corrupt civil service and the placing of square pegs in square holes. I am desirous of a most professional military, who are not besotted with the desire for political power, political positions or political privileges.

I dream of a future leader who is a truly begotten child of God. One who comes to serve, and not to "do us a favour”. One who is both a philosopher as well as a king. One who puts the people above political and economic expediency. One who wakes up in the morning to seek God’s guidance, for the performance of his onerous tasks. One who can stand tall in the community of world leaders. Not because he is perfect in some way, but exactly because of his imperfections. One who can stand for the rights of his people as a first priority. One under whom, we have an intrinsic feeling of security. One who respects the history and traditions and cultures of the black race, and who can be a rallying point for the emancipation of the black race. One strong enough to carry the problems of the country, without the temptation to blame everyone else for the problems. One who can shrug aside criticisms to continue along the path which he is convinced to be right. One wise enough to understand that the majority is not often right, and who can stand for his principles when under majority oppression. But one who also understands that the voice of the majority is sometimes the voice of God. One who has the ability to discern between right and wrong, and the tenacity to stand by that which he thus believes.

I have a dream of a future world free of hunger, of international strife, free from petty nationalistic bickering. I have a dream of a world besotted with the spirit of humanism. A world so enthused with Ultimate Love, that God himself descends to live with us. I dream of a world in which the powers of evil are under severe restraint. And where people instinctively wish to do good, than to do harm. I dream of a world where colour, race or creed is resigned to the trash can, people are respected by the virtue of divine uniqueness of oneness with God the Father. I dream of a future world, where there is no first, second or third ‘worlds’. A world of equality in the capacities and opportunities of the people of the world. A world without “superpowers” or “rogue nations”.

I dream of men of integrity. Of women of substance. Where wives and husbands live in harmony according to the laws of God, and not the dictates of the age. Where a couple are each other’s strengths and not mutual competitors. Where women accede to the opinions of their husbands, and men respect the wishes of their wives. I dream of the perfect home - in degree, of course – where, the maternal parent make the children a priority, and the paternal parent lends a great helping hand. Of homes, where there is one captain and a good first-mate. Where children are not controlled but comforted. Where juveniles are allowed to be themselves. Where societal standards and norms of behaviour do not dictate the nature of family values. Where parents would rather spend time with their children than friends. Where social or economic ambition do not compete with domestic roles to the detriment of the latter.

I have a vision of a united Church. One not concerned about the material condition but the spiritual things. I wish for religious harmony between the established religions. I desire to see men of God, who are truly sharers of anointing, and not quid pro quo business people. Where “born agains” replace fanaticism with sublime fervour. Where religious dogma is replaced with divine wisdom. Where scepticism is replaced with discerning open-heartedness. I seek the true meaning of the words of God. I believe, by divine inspiration, that only a few people truly understand the messages therein. I desire that the Lord will separate the ‘Pharisees’ from people of quiet but solid faith. I dream of the time when the Lord will reveal himself to his ‘babes’ such that false prophets shall be revealed.

I look to the time when people who are truly meek, the peacemakers, and those of pure heart pervade the world. I myself seek the grace to become one of these people. I desire to give to the Lord in my small measure, for the bounteous blessings which he has bequeathed me. I seek how to make amends for my own misdeeds. I seek to thank God, by service to humanity, for His ‘anointing’ which flows in my life. I seek to sublimate the human crave for earthly power and possessions. I seek to possess and to give the Ultimate Love. I seek the company of people on their own Golden journey. That we may commune according to divine direction. Those, who have dipped their molten ore into the fire. Who forge for themselves, that ultimate weapon, for the service of God’s people. Desiring that we may have left on the sands of time, our own little bits of inspiration, for others whose fire is being kindled for a future unknown, but so sure.

I see a Ministry concerning the leaders of the Nigerian society, and indeed the entire world. I see a trickle-down anointing, which begins with the “arrest” of the leaders of the society by hearing the word of the one true God. In this way the entire country will be committed to the Will of the Most High God. In this light I foresee internal religious strife engineered by the serpent, through its’ earthly agents. This artificial “war” would begin with the erstwhile “leaders” of the Nigerian nation. For, the word of God, will expose their true nature. The serpent within them will rise. And it shall nonetheless be defeated. Young men and women will rise up to take over the running of this nation in proxy – awaiting the One that this world was willed to. All our people of all faith will come to accept the one true will of God. For those opposed, it will be like the whole world has been consumed by an unforgiving fire, they will wish they had never been born. Many will call the name of Christ, whether they be Christian or not, and He will answer their call. He will not ask if you are already “born again”, He has the power to make you die and be resurrected in Him as a truly born again person. The name of Christ is proven to neutralise every evil power. This Ministry is one that must go to the high and mighty who have sold the birthright of this nation to the devil. The new generation shall regain the lost glory of Nigeria, and it shall be accomplished without armed revolution, but by love. This is a collective Golden Path. As it is written, so shall it be done. This is a message of the Golden Path. Now the trials begin.

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