Monday, May 24, 2010

Sometimes in your life

Sometimes in your life.
You may walk through the darkness.
You may be passing through the fire.
You may be drowning in murky waters.

Sometimes in your life.
You may feel lost and lonely.
You may feel weak and oppressed
You may feel there is no way out

But know, the Lord our God is faithful.
His Word is the light out of the darkness.
He will take you through the fire.
He will path the seas in your favour.

Come, let us lean on God.
The possessor of heaven and earth.
Lets lean on Him, the ancient of days
He is the first and the last

The Lord is our God, the El Elyon
He has given us the Way and Truth and the Life
Our stronghold and our salvation
Arise, for your rock and your redeemer lives.
And His love will make all our paths straight again.

(c) George H. Ashiru

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