Thursday, August 12, 2010

NIGERIA: Inconvinient Truths

Some days ago, at a re-fueling stop at a gas station, I went in to buy a drink and some snacks at the tuck shop. At the checkout, the lady attendant summarily gave me a bill which I suspected was inflated. That was the 3rd time such was happening to me at that same station. I paid what was tagged on the products, and walked away.

I thought to myself, if I made a scene out of that issue, she would lose her job, and I am certain her excuse would be, "its because the leaders are stealing too".

I feel ashamed when I hear intelligent people say "if politicians offer you money for your votes, take it - its your money anyway, then vote as you wish". Indeed. Taking blood money, and then voting righteously - arrant non-sense.

I also feel ashamed...
-When I see a man, or lady, obviously educated, who flout traffic laws but has the effrontery to criticise bullion vans for doing the same
-When I see parents who pay to alter their children's academic scores complaining about politicians rigging.
-When I see citizens who privately hate people of other tribes espousing national unity.
-When I see religious leaders talk about peace, then send people out to kill.
-When I hear religious leaders preaching love then expelling members from their congregation.
-When I hear intellectuals sanctimoniously attacking political leaders but themselves afraid to step to the political plate.
-When I see many people who can't lead a group of three castigating the leaders of other organisations.
-When I see people talking about politicians stealing from government, but themselves not paying their taxes and bills, a form of stealing.
-When I see people immigrating from the country and castigating those remaining for the failures of the nation.
-When I know many critics and political activists will gladly accept political appointments from those that they criticise.
-When I know of many "encouragers" who push you into leadership positions in the hope you fail at it.
-When I know of many who will gladly "support" every "great initiative", but not with their funds.
-When I know of many who praise in public but criticise in private.
-When I know of many who slam the corrupt leaders, but take contracts from them anyway.
-When I know of many who are agitating that "govt is not paying salaries", and their own staff go for months without salaries.
-When I know of many democratic proponents whose children, wife (wives), staff, etc don't have have a say in their spheres of influence.
-When I know of those who call civil servants corrupt, except their brother who works in the custom.
...And so on...

There are many inconvenient truths...and we are all responsible for these abberations.

The failure of the State is the collective failure of each individual in it.

Let the transformation begin with each of us...brick-by-brick

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  1. Real food for thought. We are all responsible for the state of this nation and we must all bring it out of the woods together.

    God Bless You For This Piece.



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