Monday, December 13, 2010

To Love, Or To Condemn?

"Christians" in our society continue to use and misuse the "Sword" and the "Rod" of God in a manner that shows some old things may not have passed away. Judgementalism, strife, hatred concealed as correction, separatism, theological elitism, holier-than-thouism. These lead to some of us stretching our tongues out in wickedness, in the name of self-protection, destroying unseen enemies or known ones, etc. The Bible has progressive, even dispensational revelations and thus, applications of the truths embedded. Lets not wear the New Testament toga while living by the Old Testament Dogma and mindset.

I have learn't from direct experience, that obedience to the doctrines of love will yield a much more desirable result than praying/speaking in a manner that exposes the wickedness of our own hearts. When a man's ways please the Lord, He will make his/her enemies to be at peace with him/her. The Bible tells us, to the pure, all things are pure. It says, the merciful shall obtain mercy, it shows that Jesus prayed for forgiveness of those who were killing him.

God may have called the Hebrews a stiff-necked people, and threatened to kill them, yet, He forbade Balaam from cursing them. How do you know if your "enemy" of today is not going to be God's redeemed Apostle of tomorrow? How do you discern when a person is under satanic influence or truly wicked? How would you like to be judged by the standards that you judge others, for whereas some may hurt you, yet you too hurt others.

A self-confessed witch stood in front of me, and I began to pray judgement upon her - but the Holy Spirit interrupted my arrogance, and said "tell her I (God) love her" - Awesome grace from a loving Father. She broke down, penitent, confessing, praising, she serves in the vineyard. Brethren, beware, its a thin line between self-preservation and witchcraft. We should not interpret all actions against us in traditional methodology, we ought to discern. And how can one not filled with the Holy Spirit discern properly, that would be divination rather than discernment.

In conclusion. Lets practice the "Fruit of The Spirit"...that is the "Whole Armour" of God.

The Ultimate Is Love. God bless us all.

George Ashiru

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