Sunday, March 6, 2011

GHA Words On Marble II.

You can tell when a person is living in God's Grace. They have peace in their hearts and are at peace with their neighbours. They're quick to show mercy and slow to condemn.

Nothing kills idealism more than poverty. Yet, it's through lack, that the passion for idealism is tested.

Innovation is one heck of a status quo changer...little wonder people at the helm of affairs want more of the same. your rival a head start.

God said His people should pray if they want change...the people argue, they have prayed, and its time for action...and God retorted, when did His people pray? It is only the fervent prayer of the righteous that avails...not that of the syncretic, hypocritical zealots...God wins.

The Messenger and the Method may be different, but as long as the Message remains the same, then it is well...don't divide the Body...Heaven doesn't have compartments.

Bitterness, the root of unforgiveness. Love, the root of mercy.

The best way to obey the 1st Commandment is by obeying the 2nd Commandment.

What's the use running, if you are going up the wrong mountain. STOP! Where you are. Define your purpose, then continue running, in the right direction.

A leader cannot be said to have vision if all his ideas are short term.

Churchianity is not Christianity...the latter is Christlikeness, the other is of no divine consequence.

A woman's love is like a gushes out for all to see. A man's love is like an iceberg...its all there, just hidden under the waters...waiting to be melted by the rising heat of a woman's love.

Those who never used to "act" when they were young, will probably never know exactly what to do when they mature. A lesson for the commentators who keep asking others to "take action", but they themselves don't know what "actions" to take.

Athletes are used to opposition. You don't get to be champion without defeating them all. But politicians? That's another matter.

Mercy is not patience. Mercy is total erasure...patience is judgement delayed.

I like it when some say age is just a number - but I don't get why they keep trying to look younger.

Great sprinters know, to get ahead of your rival while on the track, all you need to do is raise your knees and pump the arms. No need to cross lanes and pull down the rival. Politicians should learn from great sprinters.

A winning Sprinter is one who has great acceleration at the start and least deceleration at the finish. You don't win at the start of the race, but at the end. A great start in life is no guarantee of a great finish...let's learn to invest our abilities for a superb finish in life.

Parents have been in the business of looking for spouses for the children since the beginning of the age. See, Adam didn't ask for a wife, but God gave him one anyway.

Methinks when God said "It is not good for Man to be alone"...he had Cain/Abel and Esau/Jacob in mind. Chaps would have decimated themselves from creation if He hadn't given Man a comparable, but delectable alter ego to smoothen the rough edges.

There are many ways to demonstrate love for another: Chastisement is also a way, as is rebuke, and also discipline. But I bet, many still think think lying on a bed full of roses, with Denzel, or Sophia Lauren is the ultimate demonstration of love. If you want to know Love, ask Jesus.


  1. Bitterness, the root of unforgiveness. Love, the root of mercy.
    ...If you want to know love, ask JESUS!

    Hmmm love personified. May we truly find HIM even as we seek HIM. May HE reveal HIMSelf to us(personally). Amen


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