Monday, May 24, 2010

A Mentor Is Not A Godfather

A Book is for Reference, A Mentor for Direction. A Mentor is not a Godfather, but a Finger pointing you to your Destiny - Don't walk alone.

May we not repeat the mistakes of our past leaders and current rulers.
A Mentor sharpens your wit, a God father dulls them
A mentor tells you absolute truths, A Godfather tells you the truth you want to hear.

May we not make the mistakes of our current rulers.
A mentor provides wisdom, a Godfather provides cash.
A Mentor's reward is your actualisation, a Godfather's reward is your windfall.

May we not make the mistakes of our past leaders.
A Mentor's chastening is corrective, a Godfather's discipline stabs the heart.
When a Mentor is silent, you've done something wrong, But a Godfather tells you to keep going, unto destruction.
A Mentor doesn't change direction with the wind, a Godfather moves with the wind.

A Mentor crafts his integrity, a Godfather is the father of the children of pride.

Which kind of leader should you vote for? Check who is their mentor, or their Godfather.
And the man who has none? he lacks any direction whatsoever.

God bless you, and God bless Nigeria.

George Ashiru


  1. A mentor who motivates his followers and stir them up to do the required. Yes, a mentor is one who leads others with wisdom. Not a godfather a la Obasanjo and Garrison commander

  2. May we not make the mistakes of our fathers. Well written!


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